Better Days (FALL 2015)

by Lions & Creators

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First full length from Lions & Creators, Better Days, available December 18th


released July 1, 2015

Recorded between Nov 2014 - May 2015
at Knol’s House in Minneapolis and Sacred Heart in Duluth.

Engineered by Knol Tate and Eric Swanson

Mastered by Mikey Young at Crystal Mastering in Melbourne, Australia

On this recording;
Tanner Groehler - Vocals/Guitar/Organ & Piano
Ryan Worthly - Drums
Lee Carter - Bass
Jordan Morantez - Lead guitar on tracks 2 & 3, and 7 & 8

Additional drums on Tiny Hands by Jimmy Booth and Max Boeke



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Better Days Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lions & Creators is a post-rock outfit from Minneapolis, MN. Their 2011 release "Growing" brought them favorable reviews and a small dedicated fan base. After a 2 year hiatus, the band is back with their first full length, Better Days - out December 18th, 2015 ... more


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Track Name: Debt
I am so worn down // by the things I don’t understand // and I stand so still, I’ve no means to separate // to differentiate myself; // from the passing time between you and I // from a clever line and my conscious mind // from my selfishness and our differences // But I am the same as the ones I love // just waiting for a change, a chance to rearrange // but thats the price you pay // …I guess thats the price you pay
Track Name: Seasons
City summer is dethroned, // my senses change, they rearrange, they fold // Just grasp this past year by its throat, // its pen thick skin, its all I’ve ever known // Well the season change like nothing else // my secrets grow, its show and tell // and I show.
Or does it show?

Well the tea is cold, I’ve told it all // I spilled the paint and I let it fall awry // so its three months clean to fix it all // its a ladder climb, its a slow trust fall // to breath, to let it go.

So show me how to grow, my love // just show me how to know myself enough // well enough is enough, I know myself // and I’ve seen the change like no one else has known

So let me fade from what I’ve known // my reflection’s changed, its growth // I go, I grow.

Because I’ve been dancing in the dark // I’ve been living in my dreams, // I know, I know.
Track Name: Red & White
I. In this place I know I’m not alone // on my own in places that I’ve known // red and white, red and white

II. the color, the shape // the reason they wanted // but the scene plays over and empty room // and I know how it ends
III. oh my god, its a million miles away..
Track Name: Give Up
Everything turns off // everything turned off again, you know? // and in my head its fine, // in my dreams its alright again.

but you can’t give up this time.

because in my head its fine // in my dreams its alright again // and still I’m chasing planes // around my head.

you can’t give up this time
you can’t give up this time
you can’t give up this time
Track Name: Call My Name
As my veins come to a close // my curtain draws on tight.
I take it slow for a while.

If I were you, I’d do the same // and I’d sharpen all my knives // for better days

Well she licks her lips // and curls her tongue // like crashing waves. // they chased you out of the dream.

Now the years just pass me by // and the weight will slowly lift // we live on our own, I know.

I can feel it now.

So I listen close to the sound as it grows // and I stare deep into the well of it /// So if my words don’t do the trick // and my voice can’t hold the pitch // If my ears don’t ring,

call my name.
Track Name: Tiny Hands
Will you live in a house full of dreams // where your tiny hands reach for ceilings // But you know that its the only place // you’ll call home
your collection collects dust // you arraign // and it rusts your dream away
but you know that its the only place // you’ll call home // so don’t go that way
Track Name: Black Hole Hometowns
You were a vagabond to me then // just waiting for the seas so change, // a summers end and I am torn between
the new and old and never coming back again. // But I’d do anything for this // But I’d do anything to make it change

A subtle taste of the absolute // and some sharp tongued truth // a bay breeze blown onto my lips // and I’m sinking again // If I could shake the weight of this consciousness // you’d never find me back again, // and again, and again, and again.

So save me some space to carry on, I’ll hold this in my heart.
Track Name: Story
Its creeping in tonight, // this fear runs deep in my bones //and my blood just boils in my veins // so I’m digging holes tonight // and I’m sailing away

I’m driving slow tonight, // I just watch the world as it sleeps // because thats all I know to do // when I’m overwhelmed by the spin.

and all these ghosts I’ve known I’ve known // they just fill the space that they’ve been // its another story told from far away // with the distance closed, and I’m not home

So lets make this real tonight // because I’m so damn sick of these dreams // I’ve got memories to chase // and a million miles to run

So I’m not coming home tonight // you can leave my things to dust // something I’ve never seen // is just waiting in the wake of a story told
Track Name: Come What May Come
You turn back the days and wait for this to pass // get on a westward plane to save you some time // to let this change your mind like it changed mine // but i’ve got the time

and god I know that nothing new can grow from this // the coasts will split and shift and fade away with it.

But I’ll go if you go.
Find what you’ve been looking for
where this began
or where I am
not who I’ve been.