Its creeping in tonight, // this fear runs deep in my bones //and my blood just boils in my veins // so I’m digging holes tonight // and I’m sailing away

I’m driving slow tonight, // I just watch the world as it sleeps // because thats all I know to do // when I’m overwhelmed by the spin.

and all these ghosts I’ve known I’ve known // they just fill the space that they’ve been // its another story told from far away // with the distance closed, and I’m not home

So lets make this real tonight // because I’m so damn sick of these dreams // I’ve got memories to chase // and a million miles to run

So I’m not coming home tonight // you can leave my things to dust // something I’ve never seen // is just waiting in the wake of a story told


from Better Days (FALL 2015), released July 1, 2015



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Better Days Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lions & Creators is a post-rock outfit from Minneapolis, MN. Their 2011 release "Growing" brought them favorable reviews and a small dedicated fan base. After a 2 year hiatus, the band is back with their first full length, Better Days - out December 18th, 2015 ... more


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